TRAMAN21 Workshop 2013

TRAMAN21 (2013-2017) is an ERC (European Research Council) Advanced Investigator Grant. The main objective of TRAMAN21 (Traffic Management for the 21st Century) is the development of fundamental concepts and tools that will pave the way towards a new era of future motorway traffic management research and practice, which is indispensable in order to accompany, complement and exploit the evolving deployment of VACS (Vehicle Automation and Communication Systems). For more information, see the official web page of the project TRAMAN21.

The main purpose of TRAMAN21 Workshop 2013 is to look at recent advances and future prospects in the field of motorway traffic flow modelling, control, and management in presence of various types of VACS. This will be an interesting opportunity to bring together the researchers interested in the field for a thorough and lively discussion on this theme.

This one-day workshop is planned to have oral presentations and a final round table. The following invited speakers will give some talks about their recent findings on the subject:

A poster session will be also organised, in order to give to other researchers the chance to participate actively at the workshop, sharing and discussing their findings with other participants.

The presentations given at TRAMAN21 Workshop 2013 are available at this LINK.

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